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Foster Care:

The number of children in foster care continues to grow. One of the main reason is more parents are struggling with opioids and other drugs. Our court system has to get better at investigating and substantiating child welfare investigations. The system needs to ensure that we leave kids at home who are safe and bring into foster care those kids who aren’t. We face today the same struggle that has challenged foster care for decades.  Improving how decisions are made on the front-end will have positive long term affects. However simple that sounds in theory, it is extremely difficult in practice.

Crime in our neighborhoods:

Crime is not a statistic; it affects human beings.  Over 17,000 crimes will take place this year in Little Rock.  As Little Rock City Manager Bruce Moore has said, because state inmates are clogging our local jails, we have to find state solutions so that the Little Rock Police Department and the Pulaski County Sheriff can put criminals that threaten our neighborhoods and families behind bars. Law and order should be the main responsibility of government. Violent criminals need to be kept from our neighborhoods. Jim supports adding additional police officers to patrol our neighborhoods.

Education Reform: 

Parents should have the choice to determine the best education for their children.  School Choice is the right choice. Jim has a plan for helping parents choose where to send their children to school.

New West Little Rock High School

Jim supports a new traditional public high school in West Little Rock and will work with state and community leaders on this project.

Vocational Education

Jim will continue to work with education and business leaders to develop a comprehensive vocational education program in Little Rock.

Tax Reform

Compared to Arkansas’s neighbors, we have the HIGHEST state income tax.  The facts are that the Obama economy is bad enough, but in Arkansas we have a job-killing 7% income tax rate.  Add to that, we have the second highest sales tax rate of any state in the nation.  I believe the way to a more prosperous Arkansas is through lowering taxes across the board; but, most importantly, lowering Arkansas’s state income tax.  It will attract businesses to Arkansas and give jobs to Arkansans.